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March wasn't as action packed as February, but it was a great month for membership. Here is how things went down:


I put the focus on driving membership throughout the month of March, and as a result... membership increased 12.5% to 262 members. I'm really happy with the double digit growth and will continue to focus on getting the word out about LouisvillePM as much as possible. If you like it here, be sure to do the same thing by telling your friends… Continue

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MS Project Hacks: Code to Show Which Tasks have Which Baselines Saved

If you use multiple baselines in Microsoft Project, and want to quickly determine which baseline values apply to various tasks, check out this useful custom field that Brian Kennemer has developed.

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PMI TechMAG to Study PM Social Networking Needs

The Project Management Institute is working to better understand how Social Networking solutions can add value to its members. As our teams and networks expand, new technologies are evolving to help us as project stakeholders to better manage and participate in our projects.

See today's announcement from Drew Ihlenfeld of PMI below:

"PMI historically has provided significant networking opportunities for its members, with a… Continue

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History of Project Management Now Available

Bill Raymond, a fellow MVP in Microsoft Project, put together a very informative video on The History of Project Management. Check it out… Continue

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25% Unemployment/Out of Pocket Training Discount

The economy these days is tough, and in order to help meet the needs of people who want to strengthen their job skills, for a limited time The Solarity Group will provide a 25% discount on all its classes to people who are either unemployed, or who will be… Continue

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What can you learn from online forums?

What if there was a place online where people answered your tough project management related questions in a timely manner? People who have been there, done that and have the T-shirt to prove it?

What kind of value would that bring to you?

I'm asking because Alec Satin has complied a list of the six best online forums for project managers, and I'm wondering if LouisvillePMers frequent… Continue

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Downtown Arena Update

I just watched a computer generated video of the downtown arena and it looks like its going to be great. WHAS had the story along with the animation, which provides views of a digital downtown arena from different aspects both inside and outside. From the looks of it, crossing the Second Street bridge will get a whole lot… Continue

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Gantthead Interview

Last month I wrote about us live tweeting our Social Media Chamber of Commerce meetings at Humana. The idea of this kind of transparency has picked up a little bit of steam around the internets, and I think… Continue

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I'll be there, pint or not

Looking forward to a networking event as I'm looking for a job. Mr. Mason seems to have high regard for Chad Flaherty and Craig Newman. Hope to have similar success as well.

My resume' is posted on my page if you're interested.

I also plan to have a good time!

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First Impressions

Being that I've been doing a lot of "intense study" ;) around social media and social technologies at work, I understand how important a brand is, whether its personal or commercial, in the professional world. But what about the flip-side? We all know that first impressions count, and usually its because we are trying to impress the person we are meeting for the first time, by putting our best foot forward. My question is, shouldn't that person, no matter how important they are or… Continue

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Under the Weather

I've been blogging less this month because I am battling a mysterious ailment... The whole C-Unit has been afflicted with some nasty bug or another since December and we all seem to be letting it mutate inside of us so we can continue to pass it back and forth to one another. It has now manifested inside of me in the form of a sinus infection, for which I have been prescribed antibiotics... So hopefully I will be able to kick it to the curb, as the weather warms up, and resume the… Continue

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A Must Attend Event

April 7th at the Grotto....Don't miss this event!

Not only will you earn 1 PDU and receive excellent and pertinent information from Bud Radcliff of The Solarity Group, see old friends, and meet new ones, you will meet the event's sponsors, Chad Flaherty and Craig Newman from EastoSearch, LLC -Executive Search and Staffing Consultants.

I had been looking for a job for the last 8 months. After meeting Chad and Craig at our February gathering, I have a third interview with a… Continue

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Are you on Twitter yet?

Another great post about Twitter over on GanntHead. I've been on Twitter since last year, and I've really just started to understand how the system works. The great thing about it, is that there are different ways to use it, and they're all "the right way." Here are a couple of the ways that I've come to use this truly multifaceted tool:

Live News Feed

The biggest mention in mainstream… Continue

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Find a Job, Get a Job

I've got a meeting with a recruiter tomorrow to try to get some more project management related jobby jobs posted into the job forum on LouisvillePM. I'm convinced that adding jobs will take this site to the next level. In the mean time, I ran across two great links today, related to find the right job and interviewing. Check them out below:

10 Ning Networks to Help You Land Your Next Job…


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Hey all you LouisvillePMers, February was a massive month. We had a major site redesign, our first sponsored event, the job board became free to list local jobs, and I tripled my daily output of blog posts (which I am taking a slight breather from at the moment). ;) Here is the recap:


Membership increased 8% over the month of February to 232 members. Pretty decent increase, despite the fact that membership was not something I focused on at all this… Continue

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