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PMP Certification : LouisvillePM

Since high school, I figured out that you're only as good as you look on paper. This led me to volunteer for school leadership positions as well as in the community through the standard Key/Rotary clubs. I knew that, along with the sports I played and the part time job that I held down to feed my gas guzzling 1977 Oldsmobile Omega, I would look like a well rounded individual on paper... and that's what the college I was interested in wanted to see. They didn't know me at all, they were just… Continue

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Effective Meetings : LouisvillePM

In my opinion, an effective meeting starts well before the actual meeting start time, and ends well after the meeting end time. The key to an effective meeting is prep work and follow through. Here are some tips to help you out:

Effective Meeting Prep Work

- A clear and concise meeting objective must be identified, which will be incorporated into the rest of the prep work and follow through.

- Stakeholders, who will be key to accomplishing the meeting objective, must… Continue

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Project Baseline : LouisvillePM

The project baseline is essential if you/your sponsor want updated project progress reports. As a PM, you need to know what the original goals were for the project, regarding cost and schedule, in order to identify if there is cost or schedule variance as the project proceeds through the Execution Phase. Linda Russell has written an excellent article, breaking down the three main benefits of a project baseline. These… Continue

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Listening to Your Clients/Stakeholders : LouisvillePM

Norman Wei has a great clip from Celebrity Apprentice, Episode three that shows the right way and the wrong way to listen to a client or stakeholder's requirements, process the information, and repeat it back to them so that their is no misunderstanding.

Click on the link to the edited video clip within his article and it will take you to a separate page with a link to the video. The video… Continue

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Time Management : LouisvillePM

I'm on a productivity / time management kick with this post inspired by Penelope Trunk's 2006 article on 10 tips for time management in a multitasking world.

Some high points include:

Multi-Tasking Doesn't Exist

Its just not possible to devote your full attention to getting things done when you're on the phone, checking e-mail, while you instant message… Continue

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Personal Productivity : LouisvillePM

As a general rule, the more personal productivity a project manager can squeeze out of a day, the better off that project manager's life becomes. How productive are you? Does your e-mail inbox have hundreds of unread messages? Is your phone ringing off the hook? Are tasks backing up out of control? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may need to look at making some changes.

Fortunately,… Continue

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Keys to Project Success - Conversations : LouisvillePM

John Agno provides Five Leadership Conversation Principles that should be used by project managers when working on projects with the underlying premise, and first principle, being:

Effective coaching can happen on the dance floor of conversation.

If I had to write out my philosophy on managing projects into five key principles... these principles would be my principles. Here's a… Continue

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Online Community Participation

Gartner recently performed a study on online community participation. Andrew Meyer and Jeremiah Owyang both offer some insights into the results and I've posted a graphic from Gartner below.

I understand that project management may not be a "talk about it everyday" kind of topic, but what does this site need to increase… Continue

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Project Accountability

Dr. Keith Mathis wrote a blog post, featured on PMHut, about project accountability. In the post, Dr. Mathis talks about creating an accountability plan of attack and having checks and feedback sessions. I personally think that there is an easier way toward accountability:

Step 1 - Ensure that every Risk and Action has one owner/due date

Step 2 - If Risk/Action becomes… Continue

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Rapid Cognition : LouisvillePM

I've recently been transitioning projects over to colleagues, in preparation for my move to a different department, and during this time I've been able to think about different things. One thing I've been giving some thought to is, how does a project manager come in to a project cold, and take it over? What do you need to know to get a solid understanding of everything going on in the project, in a short… Continue

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IT Certification Positives and Negatives for Independant Consultants

I know that the certification argument exists all around the project management community, and its a lot like the "pursuing higher education" argument. Will a certification/higher education help me advance my career, and take it to the next level? What does the piece of paper really mean? Looking at certifications from an independant consultant's perspective, Chip Camden answers the question: Do certifications help IT… Continue

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Project Transition : LouisvillePM

I've recently accepted a position in a new area, and so the task at hand for the past week and a half has been transitioning my open projects to a few of my lucky colleagues... They're pumped about it, for sure. ;) Our organization prides itself on the fact that our projects are interchangeable, and I believe that a claim like that needs to be grounded in standardization. So here is what I've done and am doing as I transition my projects:

Shared Workspace

I think that its… Continue

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Local Meetup

I understand there may be some interest in meeting up after work one day to try to put faces with names. I'm curious to learn more.

Comment on this post if you're interested in meeting up or have suggestions.

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Business Decisions : LouisvillePM

I've written about project risks, action items, and issues in previous posts. The final area that I track as a project manager: Business Decisions.

I record business decisions as they occur for one main reason: Its… Continue

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Project Contact Lists : LouisvillePM

I've recently accepted a position in Humana's Innovation Center, so I'm tidying up two of my projects to hand over to colleagues in the PMO, where I currently work. While going through my project documentation, I stumbled across the contact lists that I had developed at the beginning of the two projects. Upon further review, I noticed that both lists were in need of an update, and after making the updates and beginning the transition process I decided to make project contact lists the emphasis… Continue

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Job Board Up!

If you look up at the nav bar, in between "MyPage" and "Members" you will find a link to a fully functional job listings page. That's right, I sent a message out about it last night and here it is, up and running today.


Go ahead and click on it... When you do, you will arrive at LouisvillePM's exclusive job board. I'll tell you what, I'm really excited about this capability because as we get to know each other better through our personal pages, comments,… Continue

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Hey, we hit the 50 member mark today, which is great!. Two of my big goals for July were to reach 50 members, and get indexed by Google. Thanks to you early adopters, we're two for two... so here's to celebrating life's small victories:


In other LouisvillePM growth news, I totally just spammed almost 200 additional people on LinkedIn tonight, in an effort to triple our membership by the end of August. After some of the responses I've received by members,… Continue

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