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Stand Out : LouisvillePM

I realize that I've been keeping track of all the stories showcasing project management as an in demand profession. However, with the Louisville economy being "somewhat negative", now is the perfect time to work on setting yourself apart in your organization. Erika Flora has three tips in her post… Continue

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December : LouisvillePM

Its the end of the last month of the year. Here is a recap of what has transpired, for those following along at home:


We finally made it to the 200 member threshold. Despite the fact that I didn't conduct any major membership initiatives this month. Membership increased 6% in December to 207 members. Again, this growth was all organic, stemming from you telling others about the site.

Thank you.

Last month I spoke about the… Continue

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Your Frienda - The Agenda : LouisvillePM

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Just wanted to write a quick post about how agendas and meetings go together like peas and carrots. In some ways, a meeting agenda is as much of an unsung hero as your contact list. Nobody's throwing ticker tape parades for agendas, but I would argue that they single-handedly delineate productive meetings from unproductive meetings. Here are some reasons why I never lead a meeting without one:

Aloha Mr.… Continue

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Human Community : LouisvillePM

This post isn't going to be about risk management or stakeholders or anything like that. As I am working on projects within the realm of social media, I feel compelled to write this because I think that there are some parallels to the community we've created together here at LouisvillePM. I've always known that there was some kind of awesome power behind social media... I just was never able to put my finger on it until now. Its not the Facebooks or the LinkedIns or the Twitters that… Continue

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Advanced Search : LouisvillePM

Its been a long time coming but Advanced Search is here... and although its not exactly perfect (it seems to return all results for a given yes/no search term) its a lot better then what we had so I'm not complaining, too much. ;)

To experiment with this new feature:

- Click Network in the upper navigation

- Then click Members in the drop down box

- Finally click "Advanced… Continue

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Icepocalypse 08 : LouisvillePM

I ended up being a half hour late due to traffic and road conditions and didn't see anybody that I recognized by the time I made it so I called it a wash. If you were there and I missed you then thank you for coming and I apologize for not connecting with you.

Special thanks to Chris Palmisano and Danielle Dejean for rolling with me, and hopefully the weather will cooperate the next time we try to have an event. I'll make a few phone calls and see what I can… Continue

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Site Changes : LouisvillePM

The only constant in our lives is change... I have incorporated some of the evolutionary changes at Ning into the LouisvillePM site. I'm excited about the changes as we take this site to the next level in 2009. Here is a breakdown of what we're looking at so far:

Main Page - I'm tooling around with the Main page, to try and give it more of an online magazine type of look and feel. Things may be rearranged from the last time you were on and they may be rearranged by… Continue

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On Pondering Requirements : LouisvillePM

Just some thoughts I wanted to put down after reading Jessica Popp's post entitled Must-Have vs. Nice-to-Have Requirements. I think that it’s the "black and white" style of her post, and most articles by project managers - for project managers - about managing projects that has compelled me to write this:

It’s never black and white in project management... especially not with requirements. Here's… Continue

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In House vs. Outsource : LouisvillePM

In terms of development, which do you prefer: In house or Outsourced? There are pros and cons to both ways of doing business, and I want to talk about some of them in this post. Feel free to add any that I miss in the comments below.

In House Development

I feel that a major pro with in-house development is that you're working with people within your organization. When it… Continue

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Networking & Our First CONTEST : LouisvillePM

Kevin Merritt wrote a post entitled 10 Essential Steps to Take BEFORE You’re Laid Off that I feel is very relevant to our own personal bottom lines, especially during the current economic condition in America. We all should be working on building out our networks of weak ties because there is a… Continue

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Daily Inspiration : LouisvillePM

As I set out on my daily four block trek from the parking garage to my desk this week I have realized that the dog days of winter are upon us... Its cold out there people. Having grown up in the OC, and I do think its cool that people know where that is now because of a couple TV shows and a movie by the way, I realize that the cold weather can sometimes have a negative effect on my disposition. So I figured I'd combat any negative vibes stemming from old man winter by sharing news… Continue

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Virtual to Physical Project Teams : LouisvillePM

In my last job, I became accustomed to the creature comforts associated with the virtual workforce. All I had to do was make sure that everything was organized within our online storage capability and my meeting prep would take all of two minutes. Usually I would wait until the last minute to get all of my documents open and minimized so I could Alt Tab my way back and forth during the meeting,… Continue

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Cursive Handwriting is an Obsolete Skill : LouisvillePM

Lunch time today found me in, what turned out to be, a spirited discussion revolving around the removal of cursive handwriting in elementary education due to the obsolescence of cursive handwriting in everyday life. This site can get you up to speed on the argument.

A colleague of mine was distraught to find out this fact, during a recent parent/teacher meeting, and our brownbag debate ensued. I immediately… Continue

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